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Sneaking A Piece

Sherry immediately dropped to her knees onto the cement floor. She reached up and started unbuckling Daryl’s trousers, Sherry then pulled out his eleven inches of black dick. Her mouth and tongue quickly went to work on his fat black dick, as he grabbed the back of her head and slowly began pushing more... Click to Read More

Black Fantasy Filled

I was relaxing in a hot bubble bath when a knock at the door interrupted my daze.

I wrapped up in a towel and opened the door. It was Derrick he was finished with mowing my lawn and was at the door to collect his money. With me only wrapped in a towel, I let the top slip down some and showed... Click to Read More

The Pool In The Garden

Zoe was having a lovely swim in the pool in her garden. She did not often swim in there in the day time as she normally was at work but today she had a day off. She had decided to just relax and have fun, as she had not done that for ages and the pool had tempted her. She was a little embarrassed at... Click to Read More

The Discovery

Sian had always liked the idea of being with a black man. Her path had never led her to one and she found herself having quite a few long term relationships with white men. However, she had always wondered what it would be like to have a black cock inside her. She had often imagined what a contrast it would... Click to Read More

The Shed

She spent a lot of time at the allotment these days. Since splitting from her boyfriend she needed something to do in the evenings and at the weekends and this was the perfect thing. Being out of doors was really good, the fresh air seemed to make her feel better as well as the exhilaration of the physical work.... Click to Read More

The Eyes

His brown eyes said it all really. He didn't need to speak but just looked at her with that intensity that only someone in love would do. There was a certain amount of desire there but overriding that was the care and tenderness. He looked at her like he would do anything for her, protect and care for her, look... Click to Read More

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